Building relationships one pet at a time.

Why choose us?

We know what you’re thinking.

With so many choices out there, why choose us? What could we possibly do differently from every other shop?

We do one thing, and do it well. We don’t have day care, boarding, or all-in-one services. We simply focus on making your pet look great and feel comfortable. How, you might ask?

Your pet is family to us

By appointment only, with a dedicated stylist

To start, we only groom by appointment. That means we set aside a specific time for your pet only, and your pet has one assigned stylist from start to finish. We don’t put your pet away, get back to it later, pass your dog to a different person to bathe, etc. None of that. One pet, one stylist. Always.

No cages

We are a no-cage facility. No holding cages or drying cages. Ever. The only time a pet is waiting is when they’re waiting for you to pick them up.

We build relationships with your pets

We’re invested in getting to know your pet, and for your pet to know us. We’re here for the long haul with your pet, and have clientele who have known us for years.