Clients can choose from one of the three services we offer: bath, sanitary trim, or full groom.

Please call for pricing inquiries. Prices will vary depending on dog breed, coat condition and temperament. All pricing starts at a base fee and is adjusted to your pets individual grooming needs.

Bath Service

Includes shampoo + conditioner customized to your dogs coat, complete blow dry, full and detailed brushout (not including de-shed or de-matt), trimming and filing of nails, cleaning of ears, anal gland expression (if need be).

Bath + Sanitary Service

All of the benefits of our bath service plus trimming of the face, paws and privates.

Full Grooming Service

All of the benefits of our bath and sanitary service plus an all over detailed and personalized haircut.

What’s Included in Each of Our Services

Two shampoos

  1. The first shampoo removes dirt and grime from your dog’s coat.
  2. The second shampoo, chosen specifically for your pet, does its specialized job in your pet’s fur.


We use conditioner to help with dry skin and/or itchiness associated with Houston weather.

Thorough brushout

Meticulous brushing out of your dog’s coat, like you’ve never seen or experienced anywhere else…that’s a promise.

Ear cleaning

We use ear cleaner, cotton balls, and thorough inspection to help notify you of any issues.

Nail clipping and filing

We clip as short as safely possible, then round off each nail. Your floors and children will thank us!

Anal gland expression

We help small dogs and dogs with issues empty their anal glands of any fluid that didn’t naturally empty when they poop.